Education Committee


Image of Jane English Jane English Chair Republican 34 501-257-7670 [email protected]
Image of Uvalde Lindsey Uvalde Lindsey Vice-Chair Democratic 4 479-444-6752 [email protected]
Image of Eddie L. Cheatham Eddie L. Cheatham Member Democratic 26 870-364-5659 [email protected]
Image of Alan Clark Alan Clark Member Republican 13 501-262-3360 [email protected]
Image of Jim Hendren Jim Hendren Member Republican 2 479-787-6222 [email protected]
Image of Blake Johnson Blake Johnson Member Republican 20 870-323-1766 [email protected]
Image of Bobby J. Pierce Bobby J. Pierce Member Democratic 27 870-942-1031 [email protected]
Image of Eddie Joe Williams Eddie Joe Williams Member Republican 29 501-286-9366 [email protected]