What is ArkACRAO?

The general purpose of the Arkansas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers shall be to promote the advancement of education, particularly higher education.

The specific purposes shall be to advance professionally the offices of admission administration, data management and research, registration, records, school relations and other closely related functions, and to foster a friendly spirit of cooperation, support and unity among its members.

ArkACRAO Business Meeting Slated for Feb. 6

ArkACRAO's annual business meeting is typically held in October each year as part of the annual conference.  In 2022, the business meeting will be held in conjunction with SACRAO which is being hosted in Little Rock.  If you haven't already, please register now for this meeting and conference.  In addition to annual reports, we have two items for member consideration, the 2022 slate of officers and a constitutional change.  Each member school in attendance will get one or two votes depending on representation of the Admissions and Registrar Offices the school.

The Nominations and Elections Committee, chaired by Past-President Brandi Tripp of ATU, has put forth the following slate of officers:

  • President Elect:  Tyler Bittle, Arkansas State University - Beebe
  • Secretary:  Alexis Scrimshire, Arkansas Tech University
  • Vice President for Admissions and Administration:  Kyanna Beard, University of Arkansas – Pulaski Technical College
  • Vice President for Registration:  Sarah Philpot, John Brown University
  • Vice President for Technology:  Heath Riddle-Sims, Hendrix College

Also on on the agenda is the following constitutional change to the General Standing Committees section regarding the nominations and elections committee.  The constitution can be found here.  

The proposed change is:

1. Nominations and Election Committee - chaired by the Past-President, the Nominations and Election Committee shall consist of five members who will identify candidates for ArkACRAO offices and present a slate of nominees to the general membership for consideration at the Annual Meeting.  The outgoing Vice Presidents shall serve on the committee along with one or two committee members appointed by the President as needed to ensure an odd number of committee members and representation of the full membership. The Nominations and Election Committee shall receive approval from the Executive Committee for the report of the slate of officers to be presented to the membership.

The rationale for this is that with the addition of the Vice President for Technology, we will have two VP positions rolling off in even years and three VP positions rolling off in odd years.  This outdated language specifies on two outgoing VPs in a year.  Additionally, it specifies five committee members with the appointment of two people in addition to the Past President and outgoing VPs.  As that number can fluctuate, one or two presidential appointments are needed to ensure an odd number on the committee each year.

It Was Great To See You!

After a year of virtual events and social distancing, it was wonderful to reconnect secondary-school and post-secondary school professionals during our annual Articulation Workshop!  The admissions staff at UA - Little Rock were wonderful and the venue allowed us to space out as we learned the latest news from colleges across the state.  We want to give them a BIG "thank you" for their contributions.

If you didn't get a copy of your 2021-2022 QuickBook, it's available digitally or you can request a booklet(s) to be mailed to you by emailing [email protected].  Professional Development certificates have been released via email as everyone had their hands full of great materials to take back to your classrooms and students.

Thank you for joining us online and in-person!