ArkACRAO is pleased to announce we have partnered with StriveScan to bring their student barcode scanning technology to our college fairs starting this fall 2024. StriveScan will make the experience more efficient and productive for students and colleges, plus provide ArkACRAO fair organizers with valuable data about the events. 

StriveScan is used at college fairs around the country, including by ACRAO affiliates Kansas, Utah, Idaho, Alabama, West Virginia, Virginia, and the Carolinas, and NACAC affiliates including Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky, Minnesota, Indiana, Great Plains, Rocky Mountain, the Dakotas, Pacific Northwest, Western, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii ACACs, plus the Colleges That Change Lives, Montana Post Secondary Educational Opportunities Council, and more. More than 2,500 colleges have used StriveScan at thousands of college fairs around the country and in 68 different countries.

College Reps

College reps use the StriveScan app on their iPhone, Android, or iPad to scan students' barcodes. Reps can instantly view the student's profile information and take notes right in the app. After the fair, reps export the student data with one click, instantly, to a CSV file.

Colleges can prepare to scan at ArkACRAO fairs by purchasing a college fair credit ($24) directly from the StriveScan website or via their mobile app. One credit unlocks scanning at one fair, so institutions should plan to purchase one credit for each fair they attend; credits never expire. ArkACRAO member institutions attending all fairs can purchase a bundle for $900 that allows scanning at all ArkACRAO fall fairs. No matter how your institution purchases scanning for ArkACRAO fairs, it includes unlimited student scans and there is no additional charge for multiple reps or multiple devices. 

You’ll no longer need to wait for your data, purchase lead packages, app codes, or rent scanners for each rep. 

Student Registration

Students attending the fairs go to the registration page at and fill out a quick form on their phone or computer (in advance or at the door). When they sign up, StriveScan sends them a barcode via text message and email. The next day, students receive an email with a report on all of the colleges and representatives they met along with their contact information. They also have an opportunity to share their information with colleges they missed at the fair. There is no cost for students.


Counselors should encourage their students to pre-register before attending an ArkACRAO Fair by directing them to Use StriveScan’s registration handouts to assist with student registration!

More Information

For more information, we recommend watching the two-minute intro video at Contact ArkACRAO here or StriveScan at [email protected]. More information will be provided to colleges during fair registration.